Ceramic Decals (Ceramic Transfers / Ceramic stickers)

Reel-to-reel heat-release transfers

Digital Ceramic Transfers & Printing Systems

Screen Transfers

Organic Screen Transfers for Candles

Decorated Ware

Help with your artwork

Eileen Hallam offers 11 solutions for your decal requirements:

  1. Digital ceramic transfers for 1-offs, promotional ware, wall murals, etc
  2. Digital ceramic systems (print your own digital transfers). Also ceramic toner, covercoat laminate, decal laser paper, etc
  3. Open stock transfers - a wide selection of designs
  4. Control printing - your own decal designs printed in Stoke-on-Trent
  5. Larger quantities of your own designs printed in Asia
  6. Ceramic colours for decal-printing
  7. Reel-to-reel heat-release decals for ceramics, glass, candles, etc
  8. Reel-to-reel decal-application machines
  9. Reel-to-reel decal-printing machines
  10. Decorated ware with your own designs.
  11. Help with your artwork - see Help with your artwork
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Reel-to-reel heat-release transfers


See Reel-to-reel heat-release decal machines

Digital Ceramic Transfers & Printing Systems

digital ceramic printing system
  • The service that you as a decorator have always needed is finally available!
  • You can now obtain short-run ceramic transfers suitable for normal onglaze firing.
  • Choice of red or magenta 4-colour sets.
  • You do not need to continue suffering long delays because your order is too small.
  • You no longer need to carry large stocks because of long lead times from your supplier.
  • If you have been using Dye Sublimation transfers, with their lack of scratch-resistance, you can now obtain genuine ceramic transfers with all of the properties associated with classical ceramic ware. Suitable for outside use, as well as indoor.
  • If you have been using digital transfers printed on the Italian system, which leave a halo around many designs, there is an alternative - this is the only system to use fully fluxed ceramic colours, which means no halo.
  • The company already supplies several major tile manufacturers in the UK, who are producing outstanding results with bespoke designs and individual wall murals, swimming pool designs etc
  • Customers include small, medium and large users of ceramic decals, and almost 300 customers have invested in the complete patent-protected printing system. Systems have been sold in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia, Greece, Italy and many other countries.
  • If you have a computer, are au fait with Photoshop, and require more than 20 sheets per week, it could be cost-effective to purchase (or lease) a printing system.
  • Ideal for funerary / memorial plaques, thimbles, personalised mugs, collectors’ plates, badged hotelware, award plaques, etc
  • If required, the company will also apply and fire the decals onto your ware – ideal for personalised giftware.
  • For more information, please contact us.


Some examples of ware decorated with digital ceramic decals

Digital ceramic decals on mug and thimbles

Decorated ware

Digital ceramic decals on mugs

Screen Transfers 1 - Open Stock and Control decals

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cups and saucers mugs and plates tiles
  • The open stock range allows a variety of designs to be more widely accessible. Open stock decals are available for mugs, tiles, giftware, thimbles, etc.
  • Samples and prices are available on request.
  • In the future, new high quality open stock decal patterns will continue to be developed on a regular basis for you our customer.
  • A small selection of Open Stock Transfer Patterns
  • The manufacturer has been producing high quality custom print ceramic transfers to customer specifications since 1968.
  • I would be pleased to quote for your own designs printed on a Control basis.
  • Design team and in-house reproduction facilities enable consistency and innovation to be maintained for both Waterslide and Heat Release Applications, for onglaze, underglaze, or inglaze application, and for glass.
  • For more information, please contact us.

Screen Transfers 2 - bulk quantities of ceramic decals

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bulk decals

 Candles decorated with organic decals
Mugs and bowls courtesy of, and copyright of, Kultakeramiikka, Finland
 wall tiles decorated with decals  wall tiles decorated with decals
Tiles courtesy of, and copyright of, Two Bad Mice and Anita Jeram (www.twobadmice.com)

For larger requirements, I also represent a high quality manufacturer of screen transfers in Asia (minimum order quantity 300 50x70cm sheets). This company prints ceramic decals for several household names in the ceramic industry in the UK, Europe, and the USA. It is one of the largest ceramic decal printers in the world, with 19 fully automatic and 4 semi-automatic screen printing lines producing half a million sheets of high quality ceramic decals a month. They print decals for both Water slide and Heat Release applications, for onglaze, underglaze, or inglaze application, for glass and for candles (see below). Lead times are short. Again, I would be pleased to quote for your own designs printed on a Control basis.

For more information, please contact us.

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Screen Transfers 3 - organic decals for candles

Organic decals for candles
Candles decorated with organic decals
Candles decorated with organic decals courtesy of, and copyright of, Kotimo Design - Finland

**New for 2016** Bulk quantities (minimum 300 sheets) of organic screenprinted decals for candles. No lead, cadmium, etc. The colours are organic, so no nasty metals are being burned with the candle. Another advantage is that organic colours provide a much wider range of colours than ceramic colours. For more information, please contact us.

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